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小惑星探査セット 小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」 あの感動をもういちど。


Congratulatory message from LEGO® for 1,000 votes!

Congratulations Daisuke on reaching 1,000 votes on your product idea; The Hayabusa!

"We are very encouraged by the strong support this model has from the voters, and I hope that we will be able to reward your support with a new Hayabusa LEGO® product. We wish to thank all voters for their great interest and enthusiastic engagement."

Here at LEGO® we are amazed at how fast it reached the threshold and we are now really looking forward to evaluate the model. We will now do some serious analysis on the business case and other decision parameters. We will therefore get back to you in 4 weeks time with a decision on whether it will be produced and if so, when we will launch it. We are looking forward to working with the model. Best regards,

Received the concept model computer graphics!


Hayabusa comments:

It is always exciting to make a LEGO® interpretation of an existing artifact, especially when it is related to the space conquest, which always gives some prestige to the project.I've tried to make the model as close to the real one as possible and I've of course used some inspiration from Daisuke's model, but also from the space related models LEGO® is launching in 2011.


Congratulatory message from LEGO® for 50 votes

Dear Daisuke,

We are really excited to see your idea about a LEGO® model of the Hayabusa gaining so many followers.Reading about the mission it went on is very exciting. The model you have created also bears close resembles to the real life craft.

With 500 votes we will have a look at the model design and see how we can translate your design into a production version. We could see the Hayabusa either in the lab before it is launched with the scientist, while it is on 25143 Itokawa.

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