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Monster Fighters Lord Vampyre's new Castle


Seven years after the original fight Lord Vampyre is at it again.  He's reclaimed all the mooonstones and is once again attempting to block out the sun and create a permanent eclipse.  Dr Rodney Rathbone has come out of retirement along with two of his fellow Monster Fighters Ann Lee and Frank Rock to stop Lord Vampyre and his fellow monsters.  Sadly both Ann and Frank have been captured and it is up to Rodney to save them.  Rodney will have to use his wits to defeat the evil Lord Vampyre and his accomplices.

The set is a modular castle including another moonstone device and 13 characters to play out the story to maximum effect.  The set comprises at least 3 different prison cells.  It also has a hidden room concealed by a rock wall.  It has a separate structure for the Mad Scientist's laboratory.  Lord Vampyre has been provided with a coffin to rest in and a sarcophagus for the mummy  The Mad Scientist's lab is next to an  imaginary swamp where the swamp monster can live and players can extend their imaginations.

The set was inspired  by the classic Monster Fighters line from 2012, of which I am a fan.  I enjoyed this line because I love all the classic monster films from the 1930's to 1950's.  Monster Fighters sets have captured the atmosphere of those films perfectly.  I hope you enjoy this story and using the castle to

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