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Sage's Library

           Welcome to the Sage's Library! This Medieval-themed Library serves as a place where scholars, philosophers, and perhaps even wizards can come to sharpen their minds and explore this grand repository of knowledge.  
           This library features a large main reading room with a spiral staircase to the second floor, a grand entrance hall with a small reading room above, and two attached side towers. One tower is dedicated towards the study of biology and chemistry, while the other tower is dedicated to the fields of geography and astronomy. The astronomy room in particular features an opening roof and telescope to observe the night sky! 
           The large windowed panel of the main reading room is removable for easy access to the interior of the library, and the roofs of each tower are also removable. This set contains 2960 pieces, making it a large model, but not too advanced in terms of construction techniques. 
           I designed this library to return back to classic LEGO Castle/Medieval themes, but the design and details of this library could theoretically make it a unique historic building for a LEGO town or city of any era. 

(Note: This was created in LDD extended, so while all the piece molds exist, some may not exist yet in the specific colors depicted here.)

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