Product Idea


Here i am presenting to you my model Helicopter.


I have tried to include some realistic features found on many helicopters, these are:

  • Main rotor head with blade sleeve (ink pot) reservoirs, lag plain dampers and pitch control rods
  • Main rotor blade root end with cuff bolts, leading edge erosion shields, swept tips for increase lift and speed
  • Skid Type undercarriage
  • Cockpit with collective and cyclic control and instrument panel. 
  • Horizontal stabiliser
  • Engine cowlings and exhaust 
  • Tail rotor blades with high visibility markings
  • Rotating Main and tail rotors

It can be displayed with the blades fitted and ready for flight or blades removed onto the stands to save space of your shelves. 


This model has an estimated 850 bricks and would make an ideal centre piece of any collection!


Thank you for reading and if you like what you see, Please support this page!