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Sneaky Sasquatch: The Ranger Station

I built this set before the diner, but because of some rendering issues I was not able to submit it. But now I'm pleased to show you, Sneaky Sasquatch: The Ranger Station. This set is fun and unique, it can be played with or set up as a diorama. It is packed full of fun details and is mostly accurate to the game. The inside of the set features a bed for the ranger as well as a fridge. It also has two tables and a vending machine.

The outside of the cabin is made with 1x1 curved bricks to make a wood like texture. The roof took forever, but I think it looks really good. The outside has the dirt path as well as the phone booth. The tall wooden structure is a power line pole. This set would make a great set because, multiple video games have already got their own set such as Mario and Sonic. I think it is time for Apple Arcades number one game to be immortalised for all to see and enjoy. It comes with three characters: The Ranger, Sneaky Sasquatch, and a camper. If you like the set, please support and share with others. Thanks.

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