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Christmas Village with Moving Train


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As I always have been fascinated by the small miniature Christmas villages, and how they make the mini trains run by cleverly move the plate it stands on, it’s no coincidence that my first contribution to Lego ideas capture this. I have tried to keep the design faithful to both the playfulness of Lego as well as the Christmas spirit. I also wanted the model to appeal to all ages and be of such good design that anyone would be proud to bring it out every Christmas.

The model contains, in this preliminary state, 1370 Lego pieces and is equipped with a Power function motor that rotates the train platform. It's built on a standard 32 x 32 baseplate adn is approximatly 25 cm high (10 inches). If this model where to be realized some minor changes to the construction might be required to make it more sturdy and allow the train plate unrestricted movement but it does work as it is.

I hope you all enjoy the model and I look forward to get your vote for realizing the Christmas Village.

Many thanks in advance

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