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Sea of Thieves Sloop

This is a ship inspired by the sloop in Sea of Thieves. I fell in love with this game over two years ago, back in its testing phases. The designs, visuals, and art in the game have always stood out to me as incredibly beautiful and well-crafted. Artistically speaking, it is one of my favorite games to date.

I decided to challenge myself and see if I could design a sloop, the smallest ship in Sea of Thieves, out of LEGO bricks. I honestly didn't expect to get much out of this project, but having finished it, I am actually quite proud of it. I feel that the ship emulates the look and feel of the sloop as well as can be done with bricks. All of the most necessary components of a Sea of Thieves sloop are present: harpoons, cannons, wheel, capstan, map and voyage tables, a small armory, supply barrels, the stove, a keg of grog, and other small details. Though some of these may seem hidden, they can be revealed by lifting up the central mast and floor piece, allowing for a view into the bottom deck of the ship. The only thing missing is a pirate - care to sail with me?
(I will note that in the photo renders, the sail doesn't quite meet with the bottom horizontal mast. This is unfortunately a limitation of the design program, but as a LEGO cloth sail in real life is somewhat malleable, it would be able to fit the pegs without trouble.)

I would like to see this become a real set because I feel it captures the fun and creativity of both LEGO and Sea of Thieves. It calls to a sense of adventure and can easily tap into imaginations, as previous official ship sets have proven. The simplistic color palate reminds me of older LEGO sets that had a more monochrome beauty while the design and detail remind me of newer, more intricate builds. Finally, and arguably most importantly, I honestly think it's just a cool build. Fun and simple, yet well built and thought out - quite like an actual Sea of Thieves sloop.

Thank you all for taking the time to look at and read about my first LEGO Ideas submission!

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