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Renaissance Faire


Huzzah!  Welcome to the Lego Renaissance Faire!  This is my proposal for a Lego Ideas project based on popular attractions at Renaissance festivals in the United States and Europe.  If you like it, please support and tell 500 of your closest friends!


Four separate festival attractions:

  1. Concession stand selling sausages on French bread and Renaissance Faire favorite smoked turkey legs!  Features a small grill, lemonade dispenser and two half-yard glasses, and a roof that opens for easy access.
  2. Tree-shaded stage with four benches, featuring a minstrel playing his brick-built lute.  Bring in your other minifigures to present juggling, knife-throwing, one-act plays, and other entertainment.
  3. Souvenir tent selling a variety of medieval weapons and other goods.  Includes a display case for valuable items and an armor stand in front.  The top can be removed, and the side flaps lift up as well.
  4. Crossbow shooting gallery - use the stud-shooting crossbow to knock down the statues!  Statues can be attached to studs for easy moving and display, or placed on the flat tiles to test your target skills.

Key selling points:

  • The five minifigures - a minstrel, vendor, and female guest in period attire, and a male guest and his grandson in modern attire - will appeal to fans of City and Castle themes alike.
  • Playability features to appeal to kids, but high display value for teens and adults.
  • Set size (just over 500 pieces) is appropriate for a mid-range price point.
  • There's even the possibility of cross-promotional opportunities or a new distribution channel, as the sets could be advertised or sold at Renaissance Festivals' souvenir shops or websites.  The sticker for the souvenir tent sign could be replaced with custom stickers showing local Festivals' logos!

Thank you for your support and feedback!

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