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Croatian traditional seaside city houses (Croatian ethno houses project)


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Croatian ethno houses: croatian traditional seaside city houses - a LEGO project



LEGO has launched many different house models. Some of them show various types of arhitecture.
 So, I decided to make a model of tipical croatian traditional seaside city houses. This houses are found all acroos the croatian coast and on croatian islands. They make the old core of the cities there



The set features:

- a house with a restaurant

- a house with apartments

- an olive grove

- artists corner

- boat with berth



- a waiter (with tray)

- a cook

- 2 tourists (with camera)

- an artist (with paint palet and brush)

- an elderly woman

- 2 klapa singers

- an olive grove farmer



- a seagul

- a cat

- a dalmatian dog (it is white because I couldn't find the printed one in LDD)

- a fish

- a crab

- 3 goats



The tallest house with chimney contains three-storey restaurant. This reastaurant offers a variety of domestic food. The first floor is a reception for reservations or dinner paying. It has a cash register and sea themed decoration. One floor upstairs, there's a dinning room with a desk, 2 chairs, a cabinet and a painting. There are two glasses and one big plate placed on the table. The third floor is a kitchen with a big oven. The oven is made of bricks for a traditional look and it has a showel and a crowbar attached (those are meaned to be accessories for controling the fire and putting in and taking out the food). A dish with a tape is meaned to be a baking cover for prepairing some traditional dishes. This baking cover is normaly placed over a dish with some meat or fish (often with a addition of some vegetables or potatoes) which will be baked in a oven. It's kown as Dalmatinska peka. You can remove the hot cover with the crowbar. The nougat colored smaller satellite dish is meaned to be a baked octopus. There is a chimney on the roof and a menu sign with a cook statue in front of the building.



Next to the restaurant house, there is a house with apartements. It has also three storeys. The first storey is a vestibule with a well (old seaside city houses often have wells in the vestibule). There is water in the well. The entrance door has some decoration. At the second floor, there's a living room with a detailed piano and a painting. The third floor has a cabinet with some antique spyglass and statue.


The two buildings are also conected via a bridge connecting the two top storeys. There is also an alley passing between the buildings (it is narrow because the surrounding buildings give then a complete shade). A fountain with drink water is placed at the main street. The windows have tipical green shutters.



There is an olive grove outside the town. The grove contains an old olive tree, a dry stone wall, 2 boxes, 3 olive oil bottles and a ladder. The tree has the tipical olive tree design with the low growth and the the grey bark. It contains many olives (cherry pieces in olive green). You can pick the olives from the tree and make oil from them. A herd of goats can be on a pasture nearby.



An artist is painting some pictures of sea, the seaside, the olive grove and the city and selling them to tourists. His corner contains a stand for painting paintings, a painting displey stand, a table for his acceessories, a box for paint tubes and paintings.



A berth for boats is placed at the coast. A small white fishing boat is moored there. The boat has a small engine, 2 oars, places for 2 minifigures, a buchet and a fishing rod.


The set also contains a scooter and a bycicle (not shown because I couldn't find the parts in LDD).


ACCESSORIES: a tray, a crowbar (used a kitchen accessorie), a showel (used a kitcen accessorie), a camera, a paint palet, a paint brush, 2 buckets, a dish, 2 glasses, a baking cover (peka), a spyglass, a porculan statue, 3 olive bottles, a ladder, 2 boxes, olives (cherry pieces in olive green), paint tubes (horn pieces painted in various colors), paintings, a fishing rod, 2 oars


Set contains 768 pieces.


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