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Old Orleans Skyscraper

This 2,900 piece build is inspired by beautiful architecture all over the world. The Old Orleans Skyscraper is an original building based on several types of architecture. The brick floors are based on Art Deco 1920's New York Buildings. The lobby and 2nd floor patio is based upon New Orleans and French architecture from the late 1800's. The top floor is inspired from Chicago and London in the 1930's. This building will look great in any city and will fit in nicely next to any modular but it is different from the Modular Buildings with height, width, and realism and is more of a model than a play set. With a part count of 2,900 this set will be affordable and still offer a huge build value in price, quality, and detail! This should be a LEGO set because even though it would look great next to any Modular or City set it is so different in the fact that it's a model and will appeal to a huge untapped audience of realistic buildings. The Old Orleans Skyscraper is a tribute to the architects and building of the past. With help from YOU we can make this the first building/skyscraper to be approved and made into a set from IDEAS! Thank you!

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