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Clifford the Big Red Dog (50th Anniversary)

History of Clifford!
Clifford was based on illustrations created by Norman Bridwell (1928–2014), which he then adapted into "Clifford the Big Red Dog" in 1963. At first illustrated with only black and white, Clifford immediately connected with an entire generation, and was passed down for 50 years to become the household name that he is today. My parents introduced me to Clifford just as their parents had introduced it to them, and his countless movies, books, and TV shows became an important part of my childhood. 
The Build!
While also recreating one of my all-time favourite childhood shows, I was very happy to tackle a challenging build like Clifford. I enjoy building spaceships and houses as you can build whatever you like without much concern for what looks realistic. Even organic things like trees and plants come in many shapes and sizes, and have a certain level of flexibility when building. However with a build like Clifford, I needed to be very careful to ensure that he looked lifelike and proportional to not only the show, but also the Giant Vizsla dog breed that he is based on. I’m happy that I was able to give him a look that I was satisfied with while also making him posable. In addition, I also put a lot of time into creating an accurate Elizabeth minifigure, as any Clifford set wouldn't be complete without her.
I always try to find interesting and different uses for seemingly specialized pieces, and this build has plenty. I particularly love the 3x3 heart-shaped plate that I used underneath Clifford’s nose, and the hair pieces that I used as shrubs on the side of the doghouse! In addition, I also used stickers from two different sets for the paintings hung on the wall, and drew one picture as well.
I would love to see Clifford become a real set, any would love to see any amount of support and feedback on this project.

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