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Modern Hotel

This city hotel is a building with modern architecture and has been designed with attention to detail.
It has three floors with a lobby, a fireplace room, three hotel rooms and a roof terrace.
The architecture has straight quadratic shapes, which extend over the outer facades and has some generous glass surfaces. Nature has also taken over with a beautiful ivy, that has overgrown the whole building.
In the middle there is an elevator to reach all hotel rooms, which can be moved from behind.
The Lobby contains a Check-In-Desk with a small bar, a sitting area, a big fish tank and stairways to the fireplace room.
In the first floor there are two different hotel rooms and in the second floor is a room and the roof terrace located. You can also move the outside curtain to darken the room.
The bigger hotel rooms are identical and does have a small kitchen and a sitting area inside.
All three bathrooms are identical too.
Because it is modern and green in all aspects, the hotel is powered by electricity from the solar panels on the roof. There is also parking for cars and bicycles and even a charging station for electric cars.

For lovers of the Modular Building Collection, this building fits perfectly next to the police station 10278.
I hope you like it! This building took me at least about 6 months with many design changes.
But now I am very proud of the end result.

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