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LEGO Tron Uprising

LEGO Tron Uprising is about the tv show on disney xd except in lego. So far i have made 2 sets which are cald LEGO Tron Uprising Beck's escape from Argon City and LEGO Tron Uprising Lightboat battle my children love these sets and im going to make more.The theme has charecters from the show such as Beck,centry,Zed,Tron,Tessler and more.I hope you enjoy this theme and please support:^)

This set is cald LEGO Tron Uprising Beck's escape from Argon City.Tron's escaping from Argon after blowing up Clu's statue and is heading for the exit but first he has to get through Clu's Centry.It has 2 minifigures Beck AKA the renagade and Centry,1 Life cycle which features opening cocpit,a place to hold Beck's disc and 2 flik fire missiles,1 exit from Arogon which has 1 flik fire missle a comuter and a beam also it comes with Beck's identity disc and his baton.

Hers's LEGO Tron Uprising lightboat battle it is off of the scene in Tron Uprising were Tron aka Beck is fighting Tessler's aid on the lightboat while Cutler is driving the boat. It features 4 flik fire missiles, 2 opening cocpits with controlls, a box to hold Cutler's disc on the back, it can float in water,it has a lanching canon on the top and all the minifigs come with discs. The minifigures are Tron aka Beck,Tessler's aid,and Cutler.THIS SET IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!

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