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Futuristic Vehicles

Futuristic Vehicles
Hello everybody! I’m glad to submit this science fiction project featuring several vehicles of a futuristic city. It has about 1.350 pieces.
I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours creating this project with Studio, and several more rendering the different views and working with the details. The main features are set forth below.
Main features
The model comprises seven vehicles: a Magnetic Levitation Car, a Police Motorcycle, two Speedboats, a Recycling Boat, a Fishing Boat, and a Biogarden Truck.
The set has been designed onto two base plates (32x32 and 16x32), featuring part of the streets and the channel of the city.
Magnetic Levitation Car
The levitation car is a kind of speeder for traveling in the city and crossing the channels. It is driven a by young man. It has about 100 pieces.
Police Motorcycle
The police motorcycle is also magnetic. The lateral sides are marked with “CS-COP” which stands for “City Service COP”. The motorcycle is driven by a policeman. It has about 80 pieces.
The are two speedboats of the latest generation equipped with propellers. The fastest and funniest way to surf the channels. Each speedboat is driven by a pilot and has about 80 pieces.
Recycling Boat
The recycling boat is used to transport the waste to the recycling plant of the city. It is operated by a worker of the plant. It has about 60 pieces.
Fishing Boat
The fishing boat is a sophisticate vehicle for providing a rich diversity of species to the fish market. It is driven by a fishmonger, who is showing his last catch, a big fish almost as big as him. It has about 65 pieces.
Biogarden Truck
The biogarden truck is used to transport plant species brought from different planets. It is driven by a worker of the greenhouse. It has about 150 pieces.
A very playable and colourful set!
I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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