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Batman Tumbler Mark 2

Batman Tumbler based on the movies. The model is minifig scale, and includes some features.

The back of the vehicle features only to wheels due to the width being too small, although it has an exahaust and has a wide bonnet.

Front of vehicle is quite wide however too small for batmans bike to emerge. I am very pleased with the windows though, as they are set back into the frame and are angled. Also the sloped bricks down the centre seperate the two windows.

The interior can fit 1 minifig only + cape and theres room at the back for 1 accesory. It is quite detailed compared with the previous model, and features a steering wheel and slanted pannels on either side.

Roof does not fold up like the original design, instead it pegs down, but is relaitvly easy to take off. It is much wider and has a pattern ontop, making it more appealing.

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