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The LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Land


Emmet, Unikitty, Wyldstyle, and Benny are in the secret realm of Cloud Cuckoo Land and are trying to find their way to the Master Builder meeting.  In this project, we have a big cloud with a building and some colorful objects.  The building is inspired by set #70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace.  There are a lot of white pieces for clouds, as well as a white 32X32 white baseplate.


Emmet with Piece of Resistance




Emmet will have 2 faces: a smile with teeth and squinting eyes/screaming face

Wyldstyle's faces: mouth-open smile/worried face showing teeth

Benny's faces: surprised/confused

Unikitty's faces: tongue out smile/wide-eyed surprised face

I hope you like my project and if you really like it, maybe you can support it.  Thanks for viewing!

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