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Storm Chaser Van


Tornado Chasers Sighting

Scour the highways with these thrill-seeking storm chasers as they document and record tornadoes.  This set comes complete with wind-speed analyzer, digital cameras, and a sophisticated weather-ready, computer enhanced van.

Imagine yourself with this team as they investigate the potential thunder cloud systems that will develop into tornadoes.  These storms captivate many young imaginations with their awe and grandeur.  The trail of carnage that they leave discourages most people from tracking them, but not these enthusiasts.  In this location tornadoes are rare, and stories of these monstrous storms gather interest from an inquisitive audience.  Hurricanes rage the coastline, and evacuations because of similar wind patterns invite inspection into this severe weather.

My nephew was really amazed when he was introduced to the extreme weather patterns.  He could not believe the destruction left in the wake of these storms.  No sooner was he informed with the science of weather, then a category four storm hit our city.  A close friend connects the patterns of the storms with snowfall, encouraging even more weather-related adventure.  This set is dedicated to a good friend who enjoys the robust climate in his surroundings.  Simper Fi. 

The set is built from old Legos inherited from my brother and me when we were young.  A gray van serves as the surveillance vehicle while the computer equipment, dashboard camera, and weather-ready gear help this weather team analyze, document, and record the mighty winds.

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