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Great Scientists


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Hello LEGO fans!
I am presenting you great scientists! You can see here five famous scientists who lived between XV and XX century. There are Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Maria Curie Skłodowska and Charles Robert Darwin.

Why did I chose those people?
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - because he was most famous artist, inventor and scientist in Renaissance
  • Nikola Tesla - he patented many inventions that are used even today, like radio or transformer
  • Albert Einstein - most fsamous scientist of XX century and creator of the special and general theory of relativity
  • Maria Curie Skłodowska - she and her husband discovered radioactive elements and she was awarded the Nobel prize twice
  • Charles Darwin - he created the theory of evolution.
About project:
It is made of five segments which can be connected with axles (every segment is based on a real office/labolatory of each scientist)
  • In Leonardo Da Vinci's office you can see a desk made in renaissance style, a small bookshelf with old books, a fragment of his new invention and of course a painting of Mona Lisa
  • In Nikola Tesla's labolatory you can see 3 of his inventions: Tesla tower and 2 other transformers
  • In Albert Einstein's office, there is his desk, bookshelves and blackboard where he wrote many of his equations
  • In Maria Curie's labolatory you can see a table with many beakers and mixtures.
  • In Charles Darwin's office, there is a big bookshelf, a table with his scientific work, green armchair, fireplace, an owl and a candlestick

With this project you can see how real offices/labs of these amazing scientists looked like in real life and you can bring these famous people to your own house!

Set parameters:
length: 51 cm ( 20 inches)
width: 11 cm ( 4,3 inches)
height: 10 cm ( 4 inches)
Number of pieces: 1670
Minifigures: 5
I hope that you will like my project
Bye ;)

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