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Formula 1 Renault R25

Welcome to the 2005 Formula One season! This is the Renault R25 with which Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella competed. The car, although on a small scale, is made with all the details of the original, including the bargeboards and other aerodynamic appendages. Besides, it doesn't lack any details even in the sponsors!

Choose your driver and put this car together with other Lego Formula One cars and let the race begin!

I made this construction thanks to the passion for Formula One, but above all because of the nostalgia for a golden age of motorsport, which forms these cars with V10 engines and a trickster sound. I hope in the future to present you the rest of the grid of that season and others.

Thank you for reading the text if you've come this far and support it if you consider this a good project.

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