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Spidorpian Attacks!


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I based this set on a creature that I created when I was very young. This creature is called a "Spidorpian".  A Spidorpian is basically a Giant spider mixed with a giant scorpion, (As you could probably guess based on the name).

In this set, a goblin general prepares his dangerous, but loyal, Spidorpian for a journey to convince an evil druid to join his goblin army. But when he arrives, he is surprised to find a valiant knight guarding the druid's secluded magic shop. Will the goblins succeed in their quest for ultimate power, or will the knight have the courage and strength to fend off the intruding two-some. Will the druid join the goblin army, or will he reply with an unwelcoming path of destruction. The choice is yours, only you can build the adventure!

Set Includes:

1) Armored Spidorpian

2) Evil Druid's Magic Items shop

3) 4 detailed Characters: Knight, Goblin General, Goblin Warrior, Evil Druid

4) Inventory rack, filled with magic items

5) Barrel with four fish,( two orange, two greenish-blue)

6) Bat on top of the Magic Items Shop

7) The goblin general's pet scorpion, "Venom"

Magic Items and Accessories include, but are not limited to:

1) Thor's Hammer

2) Indiana Jones's Whip

3) The sword of Gryffindor

4) The genie's Lamp

5) Toilet Paper (when you got to go, You got to to go!)

6) A Magical Ax

7) A purple Diamond

8) Gimli's Ax

9) A Bottle of Love Potion

10) The Voodoo Doll from my other project.(The Creeper's Mine)

11) A Golden Sand Timer

12) The Knight's Sword and Shield

And More!

Please support this project if you want to see this made into a real set, or just want to help a fellow LEGO fan fulfill his dream! ( It only takes about one minute of your time, but it makes all the difference for me.) And tell your friends to support it too!

Hope you liked this set. I wish you all the best,






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