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Pac-Man Arcade - Ultimate Collector Console Interactive Art Set

Relive the 256 trials of your favorite yellow hero from May 1980, Pac-Man, in two arcade-style themes: Classic (yellow-bordered) or Energized (blue-bordered). Featuring Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange) in three color schemes: standard; scared (blue and white); and eaten (floating eyeballs). Recreate and display your favorite iconic scene for all to see. This is designed to be hung on a wall or otherwise displayed in an office, workspace, coffee station, game room, hallway, classroom, collectible display, or anywhere else that epic displays appear.

I built this to provide a high-quality display that incorporates feelings of nostalgia for the millions of people that have enjoyed the Pac-Man games with the iconic representation of Pac-Man that is shared by people of all ages and genders. I approached this project build with a desire to create a Retro Arcade representation in a form that is customizable and that can be displayed on a wall in a manner that does not feel intrusive. To this end, Pac-Man serves as a perfect fit. The arcade representation is achieved through a very flat construction style that captures the iconic, easily-recognizable visual representation of Pac-Man. The creativity allowed through Lego design provides the unique opportunity for easy customization to represent any desired Pac-Man scenario.

  1. The main Pac-Man board is a stand-alone component that is designed to slide into the frame. This allows for an easy transition to either of the frame options without needed to deconstruct anything within the main view.
  2. An optional hanging attachment provides a unique experience for displaying the pieces that are not in use on the board, eg. ghosts, scared ghosts, ghost eyes, bonus items. This area is constructed in its own unique Pac-Man view with a Pac-Man shown on both sides converging on a power-dot in the center. This attachment can be:
    1. Detached and displayed separately. If the display feels too large with it attached or you just want a stand-alone smaller Pac-Man display.
    2. It does not have to be constructed at all. The necessary pieces are included to make the frame smooth across the bottom.
    3. A joystick can be attached in the middle of the Energized dot to further the representation of an arcade machine.
  3. All bonus items available in their 8-bit glory:
    1. cherry - 100 pts
    2. strawberry - 300 pts
    3. orange - 500 pts
    4. apple - 700 pts
    5. melon - 1000 pts
    6. galaxian boss - 2000 pts
    7. bell - 5000 pts
    8. key - 5000 pts

This makes for a fantastic Lego set because it combines three driving Lego principles: (1) creativity and imagination; (2) iconic display; and (3) thematic representation. The base set build along with the high applicability for customization fuels the creativity and imagination that drives all Lego sets. The layout of the set makes for an iconic display in the traditional style of unique presentation that goes hand-in-hand with the idea of building with Legos. Pac-Man has been a recognizable and loved figure for 40 years and yields a thematic representation that is easily recognizable in households and workplaces.

Image Descriptions:
  1. Classic Overview look - Traditional Start View - Attached bottom in flat position.
  2. Hanging Attachment - Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Inky holder positions with two ghost forms each. Four sets of eyes for eaten ghosts. All eight bonus items. PAC-MAN title plate. Pac-Man themed background setting.
  3. Classic Overview look - Console hinged setting. View 1.
  4. Classic Overview look - Console hinged setting. View 2.
  5. Energized View - Showcasing sliding feature of the frames. Ghost forms fleeing from Pac-Man. Ghost eyes returning to the center and Clyde already re-materialized.
  6. Classic Overview look - Console hinged setting centered. View 3. Joystick showing in center of console.
  7. Sticker pieces.
  8. Separation of primary sections and spare pieces showing.
  9. Behind view.

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