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H.G. Wells' Invisible Man

This modular set is based on the book of H.G. Wells of 1897 and the James Whale movie of 1933.
The set contains the Coach and Horses inn with eight windows, a room with three tables with food and bottles, a room with an experiment table, another room with a fireplace and a kitchen.
Includes six minifigures with accessories based on the characters.

  • Invisible Man / Dr. Griffin
  • Jenny Hall
  • Herbert Hall
  • Constable Jaffers
  • Dr. Arthur Kemp
  • Mr. Thomas Marvel

It is an exciting story, full of adventures and science.

The story is about a scientist who, after obtaining the invisibility formula and applying it in himself, is unable to reverse the result. Victim of his obsession with money and power begins to live in a state of mental and emotional disturbance.

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