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Ed Street - 4 Houses


A 4*32 stud-based building set, built with "economy" (relatively cheap bricks) in mind, either functioning as a compact block och buildings occupying a 64 stud-base (like the large modular buildings) or combined in a row like a busy street. There are two "proper" houses, and two houses that also has commercial use (the white-and-green one has a corner shop/convienience store downstairs and the blue house has a drawing board for an architect/a "creative" on the second floor in a home office-kind of way).

All four houses have a kitchen and one bed, and some kind of sitting area. The planning for all four houses are "logical" in the sense that they have stairs (and in one case - the "creative" house - a ladder), but very illogical in the sense that none of the houses have a bathroom (I had to prioritize, and went with giving all of the house a dining area, but none a bathroom -building one bathroom in four separate houses would be kind of strange). The purple bricks on the walls are spaces designed for printed stickers (in this case pictures/posters on the walls).

Proposal for inhabitants: An elderly man lives in the house with the red roof. An middle-aged intellectual woman lives in grey/brick building (lots of bookshelves). The two other houses, shop and creative studio house, have younger inhabitants. There may be an inclusion of, for example, a window cleaner/handyman and/or a customer.

The inspiration to this draft is my old street, back in London. I've used the term "Edwardian" but please, architects, don't use it against me.

The main reason why I would like to own this set, is that it creates a nice visual and opens up for play. It creates an every-day space or a very nice backdrop for something out of the ordinary. The one-dimensionality of the set is the only problem. I choose to go this way instead of going the "dollhouse", open back building-style.

All comments welcome!