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Snow Traxx Mountain Adventure


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Breaking down the barriers, the Snow Traxx Mountain Adventure Rig transports keen Lego mini figures deep into the frigid outback. Much like the imagination that drove this unique build, the long body heavy duty snow truck will drive the outdoor adventures for your Lego City.

Inspired by the F450 Super Duty, this Truck features front and rear Track drive. The rear bed rails and box allow for a passenger to tag along as you attack your local mountain. This truck can pull a snow boarder or deliver riders safely to the top of the deep powder slopes.

Air cushion springs dampen the rough terrain and high intensity roof, grill and rear bumper lighting keep the night rides illuminated. Fresh air is fed into the turbo diesel engine via a snorkel keeping deep snow from choking off the engine.

Every way you look at this rig, adventure screams out its doors. Strap on the parka and snow boots, fill the box with your snow accessories of choice and attack the deep powder slopes to unleash your winter adventure!