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La Soupe Aux Choux, the Famous French Film

Big fan of the french movie "La soupe aux choux" (The cabbage soup) released in 1981, but also of the Brickheadz, here is a montage of the 3 main characters of the movie.

We really like this simple and warm French comedy in the family featuring an extraterrestrial coming to earth from the planet Oxo.

This proposal represents Francis Chérasse, aka "le Bombé" (played by Jean Carmet), the extraterrestrial from the planet Oxo, aka "la Denrée" (played by Jacques Villeret) and our eternal French national Louis de Funès playing Claude Ratinier, aka "le Glaude".

Incredible film about French landscape life of yesteryear, this Brickheadz pays homage to him as much as to the actors.

In addition, Ideas of French cinema culture are rare, so might as well take the opportunity to share it :)
You may not know this movie, it deserves to be known

It is therefore quite naturally that I created this set on Studio.

Thank you in advance for your support

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