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Phoenix Home (Star Wars: Rebels)


Appearing in the Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 premier, Siege of Lothal, this vessel serves as a command ship for the budding Rebel fleet and its commander, Jun Sato.  The ships itself is a variant of the modular Pelta-class frigate first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, featuring plenty of turrets and a hangar on the bottom of the ship.  Both in the show and in this model, the hangar on the underbelly holds a squadron of A-Wings, Phoenix Squadron, ready to defend the fleet.

This set could serve as another Rebel capital ship, as so far we have only gotten the Tantive IV, while also tying in nicely with Star Wars: Rebels.  Though the ship itself was short-lived, the Pelta-class has appeared in many episodes of The Clone Wars.

Due to the long body of this ship, the design allows for an expansive interior.  I will be updating this submission with pictures of said interior later, as I am still working on that.  Also to be shown later are the minifigure designs, which are also a WIP.  However, the current plan for minifigures is as follows:

  • Jun Sato
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Rebel Crewman (Blue) x2
  • Rebel Crewman (Yellow)
  • Phoenix 1
  • Phoenix 2

Thank you for reading!  I hope that you enjoy what you have seen, and I welcome and constructive criticism you may have. 

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