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Rural Inspired Diesel Locomotive


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Tonight, I built this model. I must say that I am very happy with the result of the overall diesel locomotive.

This LEGO creation is 409 pieces. Certain sections can be taken off to insert Power Functions (sold separately).

The cab can be taken off to reveal a seat for a minifigure to sit in. There is also a 1x4 tile with a control panel print on it for decoration.

You might be thinking, "Why didn't he include more train cars for this project? Also, why didn't he include Power Functions?" Personally, I want to consider the fact that there are many unfortunate people out there, who can't even afford a big LEGO train set.

This is why I made this project a single locomotive: so the poor can at least afford it.

Have a good day! Please comment, so that way I'll know what you think of this project. By cheesy. 1/9/2018

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