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Chinese New Year Dragon



Thanks everyone for the support, I'd like to think that we did pretty well getting this far!

I am going to be re-uploading this project, so be sure to look for it in the next few days!


1000 supporters!

Huge thanks to everyone that has supported so far! We've managed to get an extension, so there's still hope for 10k!



With only 70 days left it has become clear that this may not make it...

If we can get just 115 supporters soon then we will get an extension!

Please spread the word with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media so this project can get to 10k!


Chinese New Year

新年快乐!Xin nian kuai le! Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Year of the Goat!

Thanks for all the support so far! We aren't too far from 1,000 supporters, let's try and get there soon. Please help by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook and relevant forums!


Full Render

Here is a render of the dragon with all the updates and additions included.

Thanks for the slow trickle of support right now, let's try and speed up the flow by spreading the word.



This project has been going for well over 100 days now, and recently it has really faced a decrease in support.

To keep the project going, I have decided to add a few renders.


Please spread the word of this project, so we can try to get to 1,000 supporters by at least the end of March. We've already had a little publicity (, but more would really help. Post to facebook, twitter, blogs and forums. With Chinese New Year coming in just over a month (Feb 19) I think there is great potential to increase publicity and support.


Chinese Lion and 500 Supporters!

Thanks everyone for your support so far, we have reached 500 supporters (28/08/14)!

So, I decided to add a chinese lion to the set.

This has been built to fit the style and colour palette of the dragon and accompanying items. The mouth is movable, and although the legs are not those of a minifigure, they are movable also. Decals have been added to really capture the style of the lions.


Thanks to all the supporters, commenters and followers; and please continue to help this project by telling all your friends, posting this on every page you know, and generally spreading the word.


Front Page... Also, Lanterns

To begin with, I'd like to say thanks for everyone who has supported me. I am amazed that we have managed to reach the front page!

Secondly, I would like to add that I have added a line of lanterns to the set. The lanterns fit pretty well with the arch, but they should be optional. You can attach them to the arch, put them on another building, or just leave them.

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