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Extraterrestrial City


After several years of terraforming, some far off planets are finaly ready to be colonized. New citys emerge and people travel long distances to reach their new homes.

You won't believe it, but people in the future still use bicycles! This creation features an AVD (anti-vandalism-device) its a robotic arm, which grabs your bike and hangs it on the wall. This safes space and your bike is well protected.

Watch the video!

On the ground floor, there is a litlle robot store. Here you can buy either a household and translation robot or a desert scout robot, which searches for precious minerals. On the first floor is a big appartment. Its the home of a hacker. On the balcony you can see the transmitters and antennas, which are needed for long distance communication.

This building fits your lego city and your space collection!


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