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The Jetsons


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In 2022 it will be 60 years since the original air date of the first episode and 2027 will make 40 years since the last one aired. This proposed idea may or might not reach full support before hand since it is about 2 years away. With the much success of a Lego Flinstones idea becoming a set, I propose another classic the Jetsons. Even though the show pretty old, I've seen it when I was younger (not joking). There are four figures as shown George (the main character of the show), Jane, Rosie, Leroy and Judy Jetson, along with their futuristic flyer as seen in the beginning of the show. Astro (the dog) might also be included check back on the updates.The robot doesn't have much printed, but the face would be similar to the robot(s) from the minifigure series.

This proposed product idea can become a reality with supporting and sharing across all social platforms.Therefore please share and support this project so that together we can see this happen. Comments are welcome for any changes to be made. Small number about low/high support each day could lead to being in a 2021 review phase? It all depends on the support.

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Thanks in advance Paqman9522

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