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Candy Coaster Carnival

Candyland is a place you can go where you can just fill your pockets with Candy, take a quick ride on the coaster and just be a kid. 
Candyland is very different. Think Willy Wonka meets Disney World except on a much smaller scale. 
I just let my imagination fly when making this build and hope that other people will see the similar vision that I am trying to create. 
There is always something new when creating Candy Coaster. Should I add other rides, should I add more details and that's what the most fun is. 
I built it because it reminds me of what kids want in a fun place. It reminds me of a castle and a roller coaster all in one. It brings me back to another era with its coloring. I think I just used my imagination and went wild on it. 
I believe it would make a great Lego set because it could be its own line of Legos like Ninjago or Bionicle. After doing much research I realized that the amount of expansion sets for this set is phenomenal. You could have a candy spaceship. You can have a candy rocket, etc. 
I put a lot of detail into this project. 
1. There is a bathroom with a urinal, toilet, sink, etc. 
2. There are lounging chairs for eating candy.
3. There are candy canes inside of the building. 
4. You have a cash register and even a clock on the wall inside. 
5. There are shelves for all the candy and a mini-shelf for looking at candy bars. 
6. I added a coaster with different characters and one without different characters.
7. I added the coaster with supports and one without supports if it were to be a part of the sign. 
If anyone has anything to add to Candy Coaster, please feel free to let me know. I appreciate all the support that you have given me and hope that one day this will be a set. 

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