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King of Queens


Dear Lego fans,

I have the living room of King of Queens recreated for you, that you re-enact scenes from the popular series or simply just enjoy. I hope you like it.


In the popular series is Douglas Heffernan, an overweight courier from the borough of Queens in New York and his wife Carrie, a paralegal in Manhattan, and Carrie's father Arthur who negligently burned down his house and Heffernan are forced him in the basement of own house to live to be. Arthurs stubbornness and nagging, Doug's self-indulgence and the daily problems in a marriage are the themes of the series. The series takes place in Queens.

My model:

I tried to keep myself strictly to the original set and, of course, to create a model that can have fun all age groups, it was set to collect and in the showcase or just play with it. There are no borders. I also tried all colors and familiar objects, such as the piano or just the hatch to the kitchen to be considered, so that everything is so original retreat as possible.

I hope you like it and you supported me. Write me your opinions on how you like it or what did you like not so good and I'll try your wishes and suggestions to be considered.

I thank you for your votes and wish you much fun with it.

Greetings your Baybee84.

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