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Ara Pacis


Ara Pacis is a Roman monument decdicated to August Emperor and to peace. It was built on 9 b.c. at the beginning with seat in "Campo Marzio" location with a specific meaning because this place delimited Roman area where Roman Consult left or had back again govern powers when he went and came back to and from missions. This monument was the symbol of the peace and prosperity.

The building has square shape plant and it has two doors the min one with stairs. It is decorated outside and inside by a lot of This is decorated with different type of bas-reliefs with different types of art, Roman, classic Greek and Hellenistic. 

Inside is located an altar to do sacrifices in honor of the "peace missions".

This is the first publication of building brick and I am going to decor outside and inside wall with reproduction of bas-reliefs.

This is composed by 1990 bricks, only white bricks.

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