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The Lonely Castle

The lonely Castle
This time I built a castle again. Even before I started designing, I had a rough idea of ​​what the castle should look like in the end. And that's really unusual for me, because for me the ideas usually only come up when building.
But this time I had decided on something big.
Designing on LDD took hours of work, but that was not enough: Now it was time to present the project well on Lego ideas, but with the help of a drawing tablet and the correct app on it, it is not that difficult ... :)
Now to the castle itself: the gate on the front leads to a small inner courtyard. A watchtower and three buildings are adjacent to this. The watchtower can be reached via a ladder inside, whereby the roof of the tower can be removed.
The three buildings in the castle have a prison cell, an armory, a common room, a kitchen and a bedroom.
The roofs of the buildings as well as the upper floors can be easily removed to get a good overview of the inner workings of the houses.
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