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Star Wars LA-AT Microfighter - Republic Gunship


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Hello and welcome to a new creation for Lego and Star Wars fans everywhere. With the 7th Episode of Star Wars just around the corner in 2015, what better way to celebrate it than with another fantastic creation adding to the already wonderful Star Wars Microfighters collection.

This Low Altitude Assault Transport (LA-AT) was vitally used during the Clone Wars to transport troopers and other personnel in and out of battle situations. It also proved invaluable at providing aerial based support due to its fully armed gun platform.

This Microfighter has no shortage of that same armed gun platform seen in the movies. This model comes equipped with the standard three anti-personnel laser turrets, two front facing and one rear facing that are movable. It also has the standard four composite beam pin point laser turrets mounted on the front of the ship that are also movable and on the wings of the ship. Finally and to make your armament fully complete and in the same Microfighter style we have already seen from Lego, we also have two actually working and fireable top mounted missile launchers. Your Republic Gunship also has a working rear entrance hatch and movable wings. To control all of your action on and off the battlefield we have at your command your very own clone pilot ready to take your orders to protect the Republic and the Jedi. 

Your consideration and support would prove invaluable at adding such an amazing vehicle to an already wonderful list of other creations. It can be fully color customised to create any number of other variations used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. This Republic Gunship is for those that have loved Lego and Star Wars their entire life and for those just now beginning their journey into a galaxy far far away. 

My name is Brett and like you I have loved Lego my entire life. I also grew up watching Star Wars and now in my 30's I continue to show that love towards a system that helped me create and actually touch all the things my dreams could imagine. I thank you for your time and your consideration and as a token of that I offer a small glimpse into what my mind can create together with Lego.

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