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Cherryblossom Temple


Hello, This creation is cherryblossom temple in orient. Many cherryblossom trees and white & pink flowers surrounded the temple. And two stone tower, The 'Sukga Tower' and 'Dabo Tower' located front of the temple. 'Sukga' means 'a wise man', and 'Dabo' means 'a twin'. The temple was builded by Korean Style. The Korean style has sofisticated eaves and natural colors among oriental styles.

And this is the creation's story. A long long times ago... One man lived in the temple for years. He has been training in martial arts and the mind. So he is getting smarter and stronger. Finally, one day he thinks that "I must leave this temple, and I hope travel the world." But when he packs up and leaves the temple, he meets a woman. She is his old friend in his homeland...


Number of pieces : 1,499

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