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Getaway Cabin

A traditional log cabin built from the finest, natural bricks you can find !

This nice cabin is the perfect getaway. Equipped with a bed, fridge, desk, solar geyser and of course a toilet, you can stay there as long as you would like. Sit outside and use the barbeque grill or go and take a ride on the ATV. Explore the surrounding area, just remeber the place is thriving with wild animals such as rats, owls, frogs, snakes, spiders and...a Chihuhua ?

Me and my family sometimes go to the Kruger National Park during our school holiday. It is very isolated since the camps are far from one another, but that makes it very relaxing. There are no sounds except of course nature.

This idea has a couple of unique building methods as well as fine detailing. It is unique and I have not seen anything else like it. The whole roof as well as the second floor are removable.

Pieces: 1 610

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