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Stargate Chevron

Stargate is one of my favourite sci-fi series, and maybe one of the best sci-fi series ever. I watched it all the time and I know there is a huge fanbase of Stargate around the world. That's why I wanted to make a simple, yet well known and recognizable design to honor this universe. As a smaller set a chevron is and ideal choice. I believe a stand alone chevron of the Stargate can be a very nice display model in any fan's collection.

It has a built in light brick and an on/off slide switch (stays in either position so you won't have to hold it) on the back of the chevron to make it more real, by turning on the light, the top-front of the chevron will glow orange just like in the series.

Dimensions: (LxWxH ~38x9,6x20 cm)
Part count: 502

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