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The Lego Picker-Upper

This Lego is a complex masterpiece that will clean up your child’s Legos littered on the floor or on a table in a snap. This Lego Picker-Upper gives kids a fun-filled time cleaning and playing with the construction site theme of this Lego.

Click this link to watch a short video on the Lego Picker-Upper

This Lego Picker-Upper includes:

  • a fully operational motor that puts the cleaning into action
  • a danger sticker on the motor
  • a Lego battery box that can act as a remote
  • a handle to push the Lego
  • a cubby for the Legos to be stored after they have been scooped-up
  • a heart illusion
  • a crane
  • a unfinished railing
  • a construction site
  • a delivery truck
  • a ladybug sitting on a leaf
  • a display scene for the people to be displayed on
  • a dog
  • 9 workers: a crane operator, a motor operator, 2 window builders, a painter, a police man, a delivery personnel, a person on break, and a person directing the crane

I was inspired to build this Lego because ever since I got my kids their first Lego, the floor and tabletops have become littered with Legos. I have seen pictures online of a vacuumed Lego cleaner but never a Lego cleaner/picker-upper made out of Legos. My kids now have a blast operating this Lego Picker-Upper to quickly cleanup their Legos.

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