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Micro Galaxy Explorer μ928


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170813, LDD file for this project has been put up here for everyone to have fun.
240513, Added the classic space logos to the illustrations as suggested by Cuusoo user GlenBricker. (How did i miss this important mark?!)
240513, Change μ497 to μ928 to match with the classic LL928 logo on brick.
240513, Added one minifig to the set.
230513, Added reference pictures of original 497/928 set, as suggested by Cuusoo user Storm1812.

This is a micro-scale of the classic space set 497 (or 928) from 1979, more than 30 years ago.

This micro-scale set attempts to capture the important features that make 497/928 so appealing and fun. The opening cargo bay door to load the rover is included in this design.

Well, it would be a nostalgic little set that finds a place on your working desktop; for you to reminisce about childhood play while taking a break from your focus.

I'll leave the pictures to convince you of your support.

Thank you for reading.

The details. This setup mimics a page from the original 497/928 instruction manual.

Why not make this set a bit more special and memorable? Let's have a special minfig to remember the 70s and 80s! Yes, this is inspired by the statue minifig from the 5974 Galactic Enforcer set.

The complete playset! I am not satisfied with the crater baseplate design, it will get an update as soon as i get the skill to do it.

Note: As requested in the comments, I've put up these two original LEGO artwork for reference.

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