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Track Builders - Micro Models


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Hi guys! Welcome to my first set of the Micro Models product: the Track Builders.

Question: But what is Micro Models anyway?

Answer: It's a product that is always a 3 in 1 (which cannot be built simultaneously), but has a tight amount of pieces (from around 30 to 100 bricks). The sets can be used as decoration, but it can also be a source of fun for all!

Getting back on track... the Track Builders set consists of three vehicles:

  • Dig deep with the digger!
  • Asphalt the roads with the road roller!
  • Inaugurate the roads racing through with the race car!

In total, there are 41 bricks (I told you it was tight!), each model containing 33-34 bricks.

With enough supports, I'll add a stop motion to really flesh out a true playable experience with this set! Be expecting one soon enough!

If you want to see this as a real product, then please support and spread the word! Thanks for your help!

Happy Building!

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