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Megalodon Shark Tooth

My passion for sharks is unshakeable. I've decided to present a tooth design to honor one of the oldest extinct creatures to ever swim in our ancient oceans. The megalodon shark was a massive predator that could theoretically swallow a whale! With all of the species of sharks we know of today, I want to bring something awe inspiring to the Lego table. With a customizable stand, and elements to switch around, the possibilities of presentation are endless.

I believe this would be a great lego set for anyone who loves sharks, the ocean, education of sea life, biology and overall experience.

You can hold it in your hand and get the feeling your holding a tooth that belonged to one of the oceans greatest predators!

In this project I've included sea gulls, fish silver and salmon, a lobster, a crab, two harpoons, a fishing pole with line, a crate, and two sharks to indicate a shark based theme and of course my original megalodon tooth concept!

Hope this project catches some eyes! And as always, thank you for your support and comments!

As always-Build on!

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