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Soyuz Spacecraft


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, I present to you the Soyuz Spacecraft!
The Soyuz was designed in the early 60s to take cosmonauts to the moon. However, with repeated failure of the N1 Moon Rocket and with the Americans beating them to the moon in 1969, those plans never came into fruition. Instead, the Soyuz became the workhorse of the Russian space program, used for the Salyut program, the Apollo-Soyuz test program, the Mir program, and still in use today on the ISS

The Soyuz is known best for it's endearing design that has lasted half a century, and the many, many, different versions that have flown over the years.

This one bears the drab green livery of the early missions, I chose this color because it is in stark contrast to the usual grey, black, and white colors of most spacecrafts, and because I plan to make future MOCs based off of the Salyut missions and the Apollo-Soyuz mission (watch out for those).

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