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The Race



I love race cars, and I hope you do too. That was the reason I built this set. One of the few things cooler than race cars is a race. So that is what inspired me to build this and this is what I built. I chose the colors green, blue, and red because they are awesome colors, one of the most common colors on Lego Digital Designer, and they represent good characteristics that racers (and people) should have. Red: Courage. Blue: Honesty. Green: Perseverance.

This set has 3 minifigures (Left to Right)

Blue Race-Car Driver

Red Race-Car Driver

Green Race-Car Driver

There is 3 cars. The drivers can go in the cars. This set has 93 bricks. This set was really fun, and easy to make. It took me about an hour. I loved and enjoyed this set and I hope you do to. This was made by lego digital designer. Please help me on my path to 10,000 supporters and click the blue support button. Thank you so much.



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