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Mobile Space Transport

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I have always loved having sets that had little nooks and crannies and rooms with large minifigure storage capabilities. I have also always been a fan of the space-themed sets. So I combined the two to create this futuristic space transport. I completely built this from scratch with no guides or model basis from actual pictures or games. I built the model like it was real so not all parts are for decoration, but the functionality if this was real. Below the cockpit is an intake that sucks in the power of the vacuum of space. This is moved through a system of pipes to the four engines on the top and undersides of the transport where it is harnessed into propulsion, therefore moving the transport. There is seating room for a pilot and twelve other minifigures. You can also fit a few other figures standing and some boxes. There are two basic compartments in the ship. There is a forward compartment for the pilot and the back compartment for whomever is in the seats. In the back compartment there are twelve computers with various readings as if whomever is back there is about to be dropped off to his/her destination.

Here you can see the back. Notice the doors for loading and unloading whatever needs to be transported.

Here is the inside back compartment.

These are a few ideas I have about minifigures to be included. From left to right: Pilot, two Melee Specialists, Gunman.

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