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Blacktron Wasp


As the ground assault on LEGO outposts around the galaxy intensified with Blacktron Rovers, Mechs, Speeders and Tanks clearing away the last shred of opposition, the fragile alliance of M-Tron, Futuron and the Space Police gathered to discuss their evacuation plan.  

Just when they had mapped out a clear corridor for their ships to sneak past the hoards of Blacktron Strikers swooping across the skies they heard something new…..a low, load, aggressive rumble in the clouds. 

On their radar they saw an unfamiliar shape.  Compact, spikey, and …..angry?  What?  Who’s messing with the radar? 

Out of the storm a new nightmare flew into view, the Blacktron Wasp.  It’s designers had a motto, float like a nest of angry wasps, and sting like a nest of angry wasps, and they meant it! 

This new ship is driven by an enhanced light speed drive and bristles with blasters of all descriptions.  It has so many sharp edges no one knows how the pilot gets in without tearing his suit! 

Might this new addition to the Blacktron fleet spell the end of peace, justice and the colour white in the LEGO galaxy?  Time will tell….

If you like this project please check out the full Blacktron invasion fleet on my profile.

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