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Lance's Mechbot


About This Project

This is a mech I created for Lance from Nexo Knights. It has four very pose able legs yet still sturdy. The waist spins 360 degrees. Both arms are highly articulated. One arm has a hand that can hold minifigures easily. The other arm has a large gun with two launchable rockets as well it can combine with Lance's lance to make a large lance for the mechbot to battle with. The mech can store Lance's weapon and shield on his back. The mech can hold one minifigure in the cockpit. 

Play Features:

  • Holds one minifigure in the cockpit.
  • The mech is very articulated and pose able.
  • Waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • Rockets can really fire.
  • Holds Lance's weapon and shield on it's back.


  • Lance minifigure and Lancebot.
  • Lance's weapon and shield.
  • Two flick missiles.

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