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Joe's Grocery


Come see Joe for the best produce in town!  Joe's Grocery features lots of intricate details such as a brick-built sign, fold-up Murphy bed and ladder, and a fire escape.  The main floor contains several products, both on shelves and in the fridge, including fresh produce, milk, eggs, and canned goods.  Let Joe ring up your purchase through the till on the counter.  The door swings open to hit the bell and let Joe know when a customer has arrived.  The second level consists of a single room apartment, featuring a fold-up bed, dresser, and a fold-down entry way to attic space.  The fire escape is sure to keep everyone inside safe in case of emergencies.  Keep your extra items in the upper attic, but be careful - that's where the spider lives! 

With fully modular sections and an open back, Joe's Grocery comes apart to allow easier play inside.  The bed in the upper floor folds up to allow access to the lower floor.  Unhook the rope from its holder and pull down to drop the ladder to access the attic. Joe's Grocery is the perfect addition to any LEGO city.

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