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Houses Of The World: Thailand


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Sawasdee krub and Greetings!
Thank you for checking out this creation, this build was inspired by LEGO Houses of the World GWP series.

Featuring design primarily inspired by raised traditional wooden houses of Northern Thailand (Lanna) and Central Thailand design, with myriads of cultural touches through the style and many objects within.

It was designed following as many established characteristics and design conventions of the series and by LEGO as much as possible, while presenting its unique spin.

I believe this set will make a great addition to any mini-scale collection and a great gift for cultural and tourism appreciators. Great standing alone or with the rest of Houses of the World sets.

Basic Technical Information:
W x L x H: 12 x 10 x 12 studs (not counting slight protrusions)
Pieces count: 236 pieces
Stickers/printed pieces: 32 (5 structural, 5 decorative, 22 roof pattern stickers)
Mandatory printed pieces: 2 (on the dome and pot)

The cultural objects worth noting include:

  1. ฮ้านน้ำ / ซุ้มหม้อน้ำ: A small shed containing clay water pot(s) situated in front of the residence that provides water for any passerby to quench their thirst as a good courtesy. The origin of these customs is said to be from Burma. 
  2. โอ่งมังกร: Dragon patterned water pot, A large clay water pot containing water for any daily uses.
  3. ตุง: Traditional banners weaved from cloth, generally used for a variety of purposes including general house decoration. Comes in 4 pairs of 2 colours and their placements can be swapped around depending on your preferences. 
  4. สุ่มไก่: Dome chicken coop, a weaved light-weight wooden chicken cover to place on top of a chicken(s) to temporarily keep them in place, while still giving them access to the natural ground.
  5. แคร่: Bamboo Litter, a piece of furniture made from split bamboo that can be used as a bed, seating, dining table and more. Made with fresh bamboo which originally will give this piece of furniture a green colour and heavy in weight, where the colour will turn tan and become lighter in weight as the bamboo naturally dries over time.
  6. ไหหมักดอง: A utility food preservation clay pot, that can be used for the fermentation of vegetables and fish.
  7. หมอนสามเหลี่ยม: Triangular cushion, typically used to lean one’s side or back against. 

This submission is my first full design project ever and will hopefully be the first of many designs that I will present in Houses of the World style.
I have plans for some more global designs of many cultures and settings, but have decided to tackle something that is close to my home and my heart first. It is a labour of love.

If this build garners a fair bit of interest, I will be inspired to spend my time doing more.

Finally, thank you once again for checking out this design.
If you’d like, please consider supporting this idea, it is very much appreciated.

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