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Interstellar Endurance, Ranger, Lander, and TARS

[ Overview]
This set is composed of 3 spacecraft and a tactical robot appeared in the 2014 movie Interstellar.
Spacecraft: Endurance, Ranger, and Lander
Tactical robot: TARS
Endurance: it is the mother ship that carries 4 crews who conduct a mission to travel through a wormhole to search for a habitable planet and save humanity on Earth.
The Endurance consists of 12 modules connected circularly:
4 landing modules
4 main engine modules
1 habitat module
1 lab module
1 command module.
1 docking module that connects with the two spaceships: Ranger and Lander.
[ Background]
I was fascinated by the movie when it was released in 2014. I went to the theater twice, every time leaving with my face covered with tears. There are many elements that could move me, including the Endurance. To me, it's a spaceship full of poetic imagination. It's designed to mimic the shape of a clock, which is a metaphor for their spatiotemporal odyssey through the wormhole and along Gargantua, which is a massive black hole that makes a single hour spent by the Endurance's crews near it equal to 7 years on Earth.
The Endurance is one of the movie's cores, around which there are many breathtaking scenes, like the famous "docking scene".
I love interstellar very much, and I hope that movie fans around the world will also have the opportunity to own this physical Lego model of Endurance.
So this is why I like the Endurance so much, I came up with this idea to build a Lego set of it. I did lots of research on the spacecraft in the original movie, official pictures, and official models.
Total pieces: 3,000
[ Endurance]
To make the exterior as real as possible in terms of shape, color and scale, I referred to a lot of film stills, and photos of the original models built by the film team. I keep a lot of details, you will find them in the pictures i provide.
The 12 modules are connected circularly, so the angle between 2 adjacent modules are 30 degrees. I used the Technic Rotation Joint Disk (44224, 44225) to create that angle.
In addition, the structural design work of Endurance is quite challenging, so I did a lot of strengthening work on the structure and connecting parts.
[ Overall]
I hope you enjoy viewing the rendered pictures and the descriptions of this set! At the same time, I have bought all the bricks and plates needed in this set. I will bring Endurance into reality. I really wish this work could be launched around the world, which depends on your supports. So please give me a support and share it to your friends!!!
Last, love is the only thing that transcends time and space.

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